Vegucational Resources

The purpose of this page is to provide curious minds with vegan educational resources, information about animal rights issues, and the benefits of a plant-based diet. Basically, this page will help you get and stay “woke.”  Don’t worry if it doesn’t happen all at once (I know it didn’t for me), it’s all about educating yourself and leaning in.

I crafted this page after considering how valuable it would have been to me to have a centralized list of resources and reading when starting my vegan journey.  I hope it sparks your curiosity, helps you to learn something, and inspires you to slap some plants on your plate!

My current challenge to myself is to remake my beauty cabinet to align more closely with my values and vegan diet.  To that end, I’m including some information on cruelty-free shopping.

Please note that I am not affiliated with any of these authors, products, or bloggers, these are simply resources or products that I have personally used, trust, and enjoy.

Recommended Documentaries

Recommended Books

Food Bloggers I Love

Cruelty-Free Shopping Guides

Cruelty-Free Beauty Brands I Love