Mushroom Pesto Pasta with Panko “Parmesan” and Arugula

Do you need a delicious vegan Valentine’s dinner that’s sure to impress your date? This Mushroom Pesto Pasta with Panko “Breadcrumbs” and Arugula has your back.

My husband loves anything and everything with mushrooms, so I created this dish in his honor.  Mushroom pesto seemed like a surefire way to his heart.  This dish would be a wonderful Valentine’s or date night entrée if you are total homebodies like us.  (Or you can just share it with your dog! I mean, that’s how the first test batch of this was consumed.)

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Vegan Creamy Roasted Red Pepper Pasta

Vegan Creamy Roasted Red Pepper Pastsa
I am a recovering low-carb dieter.  The key to my freedom? The beauty of plant-based eating.

In another life, one of the most sure-fire ways to get me off the low-carb wagon was a huge bowl of steaming pasta placed within 50 yards of my deprived existence. Being Italian, foregoing the foods I grew up with was always a challenge.  Pasta was a staple in my household, and my mother would frequently use the dish as a vehicle to clean out the fridge of vegetables at the end of the week. It was my favorite meal as a child.  But, like so many of us, I was convinced I had to forgo “evil” pasta and other forms of carbohydrates to get to my goal weight and be “healthy” as an adult.

Fast forward to now, when I regularly indulge in plant-based pasta meals and enjoy living again. One of the reasons why it is so easy for me to adhere to a plant-based diet is because I  love carbohydrates.  And who doesn’t?? (I’m not sure I’d trust anyone who answered “Me” to that rhetorical question.)

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